PolarPro DJI Mavic Professional Filters – 3 Pack


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  • CP, ND8, and ND16 Filters
  • CP Filter Reduces Glare
  • ND Filters Reduce Incoming Light
  • HD Glass
  • PolarPro Airframe Construction
  • Custom Case Included


[Product Features]

The DJI Mavic Filter 3-Pack includes a Circular Polarizer filter for reducing glare and increasing color saturation, an ND8 filter for reducing shutter speed for partly cloudy days, and an ND16 filter for filming on sunny days.

Each neutral density filter for the DJI Mavic helps reduce shutter speed to create smooth cinematic videos. The Circular Polarizer filter is designed to reduce glare, which is especially helpful while filming over water or snow.

Each filter is built using PolarPro’s AirFrame™ construction for a feather-light weight that ensures smooth gimbal movement. Using a secure pressure-fit design, these filters fit over the DJI Mavic camera lens for quick installation and removal. Included with each 3-pack is a custom made carrying case to keep your filters safe and ready to use.

Take your Mavic photos and videos to the next level with this essential set of filters.

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