CROSSRC PG4L 4WD KIT American heavy muscle pick-up truck profession Assemble Climbing RC Car Parts Version


Brand Name: GWOLVES
Material: ABS
Dimensions: 1/10
Throttle servo: Need to be purchased separately
Model Number: CROSSRC PG4L
Design: Cars
Features: Remote Control
Charging Voltage: 7.4V
Remote Distance: 150m
Warning: KIT
Controller Mode: MODE2
Type: Car
Wheelbase: 245mm
Control Channels: 3 Channels
Package Includes: Original Box
Remote Control: Yes
Age Range: > 14 years old
Steering servo: Need to be purchased separately
Power: Need to be purchased separately
Scale: 1:10
State of Assembly: Unassembled Kit
Tire Track: 550mm

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 CROSSRC PG4L 4WD KIT American heavy muscle pick-up truck profession Assemble Climbing RC Car Parts Version

Mention the picture:

the picture is assembled for the finished product, not the suite physical picture. (Picture in the steering gear, battery, scene props not included)

Buyers need to purchase the following equipment: steering gear, electric transfer, battery, remote control receiver, paint, glue, and the need for screwdrivers, pliers, scissors and other commonly used model tools.

KIT version need to reprovision the remote control motor servo * 2 ESC, such as battery charger UBEC .Shell is not sprayed.KIT contains a brush motor, a set of lighting systems

After assembly specifications:

Length: 630 mm
Width: 293mm
Height: 229mm
Wheelbase: 245mm
Configuration recommendations:
Steering: ≥20kg torque standard steering gear × 1
Hanging file: ≥ 13kg torque standard steering gear × 1
ESC: Brush ESC / Brushless ESC (Racing Brushless)
Whenever the United States raised the road culture, we can not help but emerge such a picture, in the endless western wilderness, a lonely road leading to the unknown distance, the road a large pickup and gallop, carrying a dream And hope, gradually hidden on the horizon …
CROSSRC’s new 1/10 full-size pickup pump PG4L is a rich American road culture, it is a dual rear wheel structure of the load pickup, lengthened wheelbase, cab and box are one injection molding, durable And has a high degree of simulation. The box was a new design, lengthened cargo space, large wheel arch reflects a strong American style
Double rear wheel structure for the first time in the 1/10 simulation climbing model, PG4L rear axle using a spring-type non-independent suspension system, further enhance the degree of simulation,
As a result of the double rear wheel structure, the rear axle was also redesigned, the whole car using a total of six 108 / 40R1.9 specifications tires, are standard with steel wheels, metal adapter
PG4L lengthen the length of the beam, the overall length of the body up to 630mm, faster than the PG4 model of nearly 15%, surprising is PG4L standard two gearbox, gearbox using metal casting shell, with precision gears and gearshift, File speed ratio 1: 7.69, the second gear reduction ratio of 1: 3.34, through the shift steering gear control stalls, when linked to the low gear when you can run off-road climbing delicate control requirements, linked to the high gear can experience the passion Driving the fun, moving Safe.
PG4L standard all-metal drive shaft, CROSSRC metal drive shaft has been upgraded in the universal joint pin using laser welding process to ensure that the drive shaft is solid and reliable
PG4L the same standard with a combination of light, headlamps, turn signals, brake lights, reversing lights, running lights and other lights are complete, through the controller and remote control signal linkage to simulate the real vehicle running lights; In addition PG4L also contains Chrome-plated exterior trim, body side and pedal on the aluminum plate, metal stickers, etc., bold atmosphere. Because it is a double rear wheel heavy-duty models, in the rear part of the more specially designed to load a heavy trailer, suitable for trailer trailers and even travel around the world.



Additional Information
Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 5.0 × 5.0 × 2.0 cm
Throttle servo

Need to be purchased separately

Remote Distance




Tire Track




Remote Control


Age Range

> 14 years old

State of Assembly

Unassembled Kit





Steering servo

Need to be purchased separately



Model Number


Charging Voltage


Brand Name




Controller Mode





Remote Control

Control Channels

3 Channels

Package Includes

Original Box


Need to be purchased separately

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